2 FOR YOU — Introducing Our 2-Hour Cancellation Mistake Forgiveness Policy

Non-refundable hotel rooms often have great rates, but if you make a mistake, you’re out of luck. Now Travel Bound will help you when you’re in a bind. If you cancel a hotel booking within two hours AND email us immediately, we will provide a refund.

• Applies to accommodations reservations only.
• Travel agent must cancel the hotel on the Travel Bound website within two (2) hours.
• The 2-hour cancellation window will be calculated from the time the hotel is booked to the
time of cancellation on the Travel Bound website.
• Standard cancellation penalties will apply for bookings cancelled outside of the 2-hour period.
• Travel agent must email cxwaivers@gta-travel.com within 48 hours of cancelling the reservation
to notify Travel Bound and to request the waiver. Email must include applicable booking number.
• Standard cancellation penalties will apply if you fail to notify Travel Bound within the 48-hour time period.
• Does not apply to any booking created within 14 days of arrival at the hotel.
• This policy may be changed at any time without notice.

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